MIRA – A Serious Game for the Estimation of Alzheimer’s Mental State

PLAYTIME at Alzheimer Café Eindhoven

PLAYTIME was presented at the Alzheimer Café in Eindhoven on 19 March 2018.
The aim of the presentation was to recruit study participants for the first field test.


Playtime Workshop AAL FORUM Coimbra

The Playtime Workshop at the AAL Forum 2017 that was located in Coimbra from October 2-4.

PLAYTIME introduced in Dutch focus group

The serious game of PLAYTIME was introduced during a regular monthly Dutch focus group with people living with dementia and healthcare professionals on June 13th. Participants were enthusiastic about the game, and provided their first input regarding games and activities they prefer to do.

Project leader meeting Dutch funding agency ZonMw

PLAYTIME was presented at a project leader meeting from the Dutch funding agency ZonMw on June 30th. During this meeting, we met our national contact point G. Langerveld and several other project leaders, who positively welcomed PLAYTIME for its multimodel approach.